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Specialist Offshore Grouting Services

Miles Offshore's 30 years' of field-proven, world-wide and comprehensive experience in grouting methods include balanced pressure, displacement and ROV (diverless) techniques to 1,000 wd. Our highly trained personnel are skilled in safe operating procedures, with a 50 year incident record of nil lost time.
Our resources include specialised grout mixing equipment specifically designed for producing high performance structural grouts, together with fully equipped laboratories for on-site QA/QC.

Our consultants can undertake to review clients' work scopes, identify appropriate methods and select grout system hardware and appurtenances.  We design grout mixes, constituent materials and formulations, prepare safe mixing and placing procedures and design the specifications for mixing and pumping resources.

Applications include:
  • Structural connections, skirt piles and leg annuli
  • Member strengthening, grouted clamps
  • Structural enhancement
  • Conductor repairs
  • Gravity base and suciton cans - full seabed contact and load transfer
  • Bearing pads and pin connections
  • Ballasting of templates, buoys, towheads etc...
  • Pipeline stabilisation and protection
Density control:
  • Accurate mixing using non-radioactive denitometers
  • No risk compaed to radioactive methods
  • Safe transport to location, legislation-free
  • Reliable
Miles Offshore has extensive experience in the design of cementitious grout mixes that meet  specific requirements  including:
  • High performance for increased structural strength
  • Silicates for low weight and high flow
  • High density for ballasting of structures
  • Fibre reinforced for high shear, flexural and tensile properties
Miles Offshore Grouting Services

Grouting services from Miles Offshore
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